Klanklânskippen (landscapes of sound) are improvisation-based sessions with varying artists composed by initiators Sytze Pruiksma en Jan Kleefstra (poet), that take place three Sundays a year in theatre De Lawei in Drachten (NL).

What is created in Klanklânskippen are new landscapes of sound, language, images, movement and more, all based on improvisation and inspired by nature, birds and landscapes. When the language disappears, the connection with the landscape disappears, according to Sytze. Every edition of Klanklânskippen is different. Jan and Sytze work together alternately with other (international) artists, like dancers, visual artists, singers, performers, musicians, actors, sound and video artists. Every edition is an adventure, for the performers as well as for the audience.

Meanwhile Klanklânskippen is a fact for already two years and it has proved to be very fruitful; the makers have built up quite an international network and some of the collaborations have led to very successful projects like Seeljocht and Skeylja.